Kirkland Signature Brand offers real savings

As healthcare costs continue to build, and consumers are expected to bear more of the burden, it is only natural to consider the value of the dollars spent for you or your beneficiaries' healthcare. Healthcare value can be calculated very simply as the clinical benefits a patient experiences in relation to the dollars spent.

Kirkland Signature brand over-the-counter medications can offer consumers real value and savings- hundreds of dollars per year, in fact, on treatments for conditions like heartburn where daily or frequent medication regimens might be indicated.

Kirkland Signature brand drugs like antacids, H2 blockers and PPIs are manufactured for retailers by companies like Perrigo under the same highly regulated, FDA-controlled environment as the national brands. Furthermore, the FDA requires store-brands meet bioequivalence requirements – meaning store-brands and generics must show through rigorous testing and study that they are therapeutically equivalent to their brand counterparts.